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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 30, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. a carjacking and kidnapping in the north bay, ahead, the warning from the suspect's mother just before the terrorizing crime. >> only on abc7 news jason collins gives the first interview to "good morning america" and what he says led him to reveal he is gay. >> the search for the person would killed an 8-year-old girl continues in rural calaveras county. thanks positive joining us on this tuesday. >> and we have the warm and dry and then the wind. >> this evening we will need to be concerned about the wind advisory. until then, early today toward the evening, right now it is dry on live doppler 7 hd and we will start around the bay where we will have a color will sunrise because of high clouds and the cold front, 54 degrees and mild
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and sunny and 70 at noon and 75 at 4:00, and 69 and then breezy at 7:00. inland neighbors we have a passing cloud and 55 the next hour. a lot of sunshine and warmer at noon and 86 in the afternoon, and dropping back to the mid-70's. at the coast we will have limited cloud cover and 50 and hang around in the low 60's for the afternoon. back in the breezy upper 50's by 7:00. we will show you the wind advisories and the fire danger coming up in a minute. >> if you are just waking up you have quite a commute. this is the bay bridge toll plaza a beautiful view in the distance, and not so beautiful in the foreground because of the traffic with heavy conditions moving to the cash-paying lanes and in the fast track lane it is
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smooth. westbound 80 on carlson boulevard, there is a stalled big rig with two lanes blocked and we have a five-mile backup, half an hour to get from highway four to 580 with no word on when this will clear, it will be in effect until further notice. across highway 4 to pittsburgh, 12 miles per hour, and over the altamont pass along 58023 miles per -- along 580, 23 miles per hour, so, slow going. >> in the north bay a man wanted in a carjacking spree is under arrest for abducting a driver at gunpoint and trying to do the same to another. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has more. >> he was amended and started the crime spree here in this shopping center where he kidnapped a man. the 30-year-old jeffrey boyce is in jail.
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officers found 200 rounds of assault rifle bullets in the truck. the first location he committed crimes was right here, kidnapping a man at 4:30 yesterday afternoon and he tried to kidnap a woman at 6:30. he started by ordering a man at gunpoint to drive him around. they say the man did and they came back to the shopping center where police say he tried to move the guns from his car to the victim's car. the victim was able to runaway. in greenbrae he tried to kidnap a woman at gunpoint but something spooked him and he ran away. police found him in a neighborhood shortly after. he is from oregon and his mother called san francisco police to tell them she shot he was headed there way and could be going to the russian consulate and said
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he was armed and mentally ill. police are still investigating all that happened but they are relieved no one was hurt. >> thank you. from san jose, this morning at 10:30 police will reveal new daze of the arrest of a south bay woman seen putting tainted orange juice bottles in a starbucks display case yesterday at the starbucks but left after being spotted. an employee wrote down her license plate. police arrested the 50-year-old ramineh behbehanian. police say one of the bottles contained juice mixed with rubbing alcohol. starbucks employees say the other was juice mixed with nail polish remover. katie marzullo will have a report in 30 minutes. >> the parents of the 8-year-old
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girl stabbed to death inside her own home could speak publicly today, abc7 news reporter kira klapper has what authorities are revealing. >> if a press conference last night the sheriff believes the killer went in the home with the intent to attack leila fowler and it was not a much woulded robbery -- was not a botched robbery. the parents planned to say a few words but were unable to speak. they may release a statement today. last night investigators revealed she died from shock and blood loss from multiple stab wounds during yesterday's all-out manhunt investigators interviewed and searched sex offenders in the area. authorities with the department justice and local authorities committed they will not rest until this case is closed. >> i can say it is a sad time in
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the county and i want to share with the citizens especially in valley springs we are doing everything possible to apprehend the person responsible for the murder of this eight-year-old girl. >> yesterday at jenny lind elementary students made ribbons and counselors were there to help with grief. the family set up a leila fowler memorial fund and there is a vigil tonight at 7:00 at the elementary school. >> thank you. the parents of a saratoga high school student who committed suicide after police say she was sexually assaulted at a party have harsh words for the south bay community. the 15-year-old took her life in september, three teen boys are
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accused of i salting her -- accused of assaulting her. the parents think there is a conspiracy among parents and students and the parents are more concerned with the image than what happened to their daughter. the teen boys accused of assaulting her are on house arrest. >> only on abc7 news we have your first look at george stephanopolis' interview with jason collins, who made history yesterday becoming the first active major pro athlete to reveal he is gay. >> they call it the 12 steps, you go through anger, denial, and just...when you finally get to the point of acceptance there is nothing more beautiful. >> stay with abc7 news for more
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of jason collins exclusive interview with george stephanopolis with another preview in our 6:30 half hour and the one pro player who is not embracing the announcement with the full interview on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> the latest in the boston marathon bombings, we have learned that the deceased suspect, tamerlan tsarnaev, was in contact with a known russian canadian militant through a media network. he met in person with a militant recruiter at a mosque. both men have since been killed by russian police. >> oakland police are investigating a fatal shooting this morning in which an ac transit bus was hit in east oakland last night. police say the victim was shot before 10:00 and died at the scene and the transit bus service was disrupted after a bus was hit by gunfire. no one on the bus was hurt.
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>> did you feel the sizzle yesterday? >> yes, the sizzle was there. later on today, the winds will be there. >> and the dry conditions. that gets you red flag danger. >> we have a high fire danger. the areas in tan is where we will have the wind, the heat, the record dry peculiar and -- wind from 5:00 to 11:00 and not only will that push the fire danger up but it is up to 60-miles-per-hour gusts could knock tree limbs down hopefully no power outages. the wind arrows are showing high pressure and light and variable wind. mid-70's to low 80's around the bay shore and mid-to-upper 80's inland and 60's along the coast.
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today is cooler than yesterday and record high temperatures are possible thursday and friday. >> we have possibly two sig-alerts, the first is traveling along westbound 80 with five miles of backup from highway 4 because of a stalled big rig. westbound 80 before carlson two lanes are blocked. in the santa cruz mountains this could turn into a sig-alert, involving a car versus a motorcycle county one lane is blocked northbound 17 and this is looking like a 28-miles per hour track so very slow going northbound direction. >> ground turkey is considered a healthy alternate to ground beef and ahead seven-day outlook and "consumer reports" reveal a danger you should be aware of. >> amanda knocks sits down with
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diane sawyer and what she is revealing about facing a new trial in italy. >> the european countries saying goodbye to the monarch it has known for 30 years and how
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>> covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> tuesday morning you are looking at a gorgeous picture of the bay looking eastward with the sun rising and this is going to be another hot day today and when you add the dry and windy conditions we are looking at high fire danger tonight and our meteorologist will talk about the exact time line and which areas are most at risk. >> for the first time in 123 years, the netherlands has a king. queen beatrix ended her 33 years and her eldest son william-alexander is now the king.
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thousands of people gathered outside the palace to celebrate the hand over of power. >> only on abc7 news we are hearing from amanda knocks -- knox the young american woman at the center of an italian murder mystery convicted in the murder of her roommate. an appeals court set her free and today she released her memoir "waiting to be heard." her freedom is on the line after her acquittal was annulled and will re-try her. >> what was your reaction when you heard the decision? >> incredibly painful. i felt after crawling through a field of barbed wire and reaching what i thought was the end it turned out it was the horizon. >> amanda spoke about being called a devil coming up on
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"good morning america" at 7:00 after our newscast. >> we may learn today whether sn will give up his right to ""stand your ground"" hearing in the fatal shooting of an unarmed teen in 9 death of 17-year-old trayvon martin and is expected in court for another pre-trial hearing claiming he shot martin in self-defense. if successful, the hearing would no longer be necessary and he would no longer be liable in the killing. the trial will begin in june. >> president obama is marking the 100 day of the second term with a white house news conference. the president will take questions starting at 7:15 our time and we will have highlights on the midday newscast at 11:00. >> mike nicco will take questions right now on the weather. >> all the way to saturday we have an extended period of dry and warm weather and it
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culminates with the fact with the fire danger back and it is early for that but that is what will happen. 47 degrees and portrero, 49 degrees and the cooler spots along with sunny side and ferry building is 55 degrees and in downtown it is dropping down to 53 degrees. we have 53 in richmond and san leandro and 51 in bell on the and santa clara and pleasanton at 53 and petaluma is 48 and warm spot is pittsburg at 61 and tracy is 66. we have a beautiful sunrise with a dry cold front pushing across the neighbors now and because it is dry it will kickoff gusty dry wind. that is what will lead to the high fire danger. the areas are shaded in red, east bay hills and north bay mountains and 6:00 this morning through 6:00 tomorrow evening, above 100 feet we have the most likelihood of a fire
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developing and spreading as we head through the hours and the wins will come from the most and it would be spreading in a general distribution to the southwest if a fire develops. as far as the temperatures, that is the other big story, we are 81 in milpitas and 84 in san jose and 88 in gilroy and peninsula temperatures are 82 in palo alto and 75 in millbrae and the coast is 64 at half moon bay to 69 in the sunset and low-to-mid 70's ar downtown and south san francisco and north bay beaches are mild and mid-to-upper 60's and 15 to 20 degrees warmer inland with mid-80's. we have upper 70's to low 80's a touch cooler than yesterday and 79 in oakland could be near record. it is a cool record high. mid-80's to upper 80's in the east bay valley and headed to the game, not sure you will get your money's work at 19 inning but we will play nine because the temperatures are very nice
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and 67 down to 61 with no threat of rain. the seven-day outlook is warmer tomorrow and record highs thursday and friday and sunday and monday dramatic changes in temperatures at 10 to 20 degrees cooler. >> i have good news with the sig-alert canceled and westbound 80 at carlson boulevard all lanes have re-opened and we are still left with a big backup at highway four 11 miles per hour and six miles per hour in east richmond and it will slowly improve but it is at least half an hour drive from highway 4 to 580. the life along the northbound 17 is where we have a car versus a motorcycle and that is a signature alert with one lane blocked and slow conditions. our drive time traffic along highway four from antioch to concord, 40 minutes gets you
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there westbound and 39 minutes from tracy to dublin and 80 from highway four to the maze is 32-minute drive. >> the oakland a's made history while you were sleeping at 6:30 the 19-inning game with a winning play that let everyone go home. >> turkey threat, a concern you should be aware of but it niveity of phoenix we know the value of your education is where it can take you. [now arriving: city hospital] which is why we're proud to help connect our students with leading employers across the nation. [next stop financial center]
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>> welcome back, ground turkey is a popular alternative to ground beef but there are health concerns beyond fat and calories >> "consumer reports" is partnering with 7 on your side for a new investigation into the meat. >> good morning, everyone, are you trying to serve up healthy meals? more and more of us go for ground turkey rather than ground beef and burger king is serving up turkey burgers. it can be a better choice but a just-released "consumer reports" investigation reveals it can be a breeding ground for antibiotic resistant bacteria. >> deni is frying to cook
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healthier with ground turkey. i use turkey rather than beef for any recipe that called for beef. >> a "consumer reports" investigation led by a food safety expert shows when you are talking turkey you could be getting more than bargained for. >> 90 percent of the samples had one or more of the five bacteria we looked for. adding to that, most of the bacteria proved resistant to antibiotics. >> we checked 257 samples to an outside laboratory and scientists created a broth. half of the samples tested positive for fecal contamination in e. coli. the majority were resistant to multiple antibiotics. >> bacteria can cause food poisoning and many infection but
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we found less antibiotic resistance in bacteria from turkeys raised without antibiotics. >> using the antibiotic farm animals was touted as preventing disease. >> it could revolutionize meat business. >> now we realize this is accelerating the growth of drug-resistant super bugs. when people are sickened with these they can be much harder to treat. >> to kilt bacteria present in turkey cook it thoroughly to 165 degrees. >> good news, you can minimize the risk by making smart choices when you shop, including ground turkey labeled raised without antibiotics or organic with information on our website. >> only on abc7 news, we have your first look at jason collins' exclusive sit down with
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george stephanopolis. >> the nba player reveals what led him to reveal he is gay and the support he is getting from the public. >> i am katie marzullo where customers at the starbucks are learning someone tried to put poisoned orange juice in the displace case and they say they are not surprised. >> check out this beautiful sunrise, high clouds, a dry cold front creating our first red flag warning and i will show you who is most accessible to high fire danger. >> the beautiful sky is a backdrop to the nasty traffic. i have an update on a sig-alert for you and another brewing in the santa cruz mountains with
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, 6:29 on this tuesday. a beautiful picture of san francisco and the bay. that is something you can put on
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a postcard. the last day of april and we are ending on an unseasonably warm note. >> not only do we have the warm temperatures, we will have winds later on today. >> we will have a high fire danger. >> early for this time of year to be talking red flag warnings but we have one from 6:00 p.m. tonight until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow at elevations 1,000'. we start our day planner around the bay with a colorful sun reason with the high clouds and the cold front is kicking up at 70's at noon and total sunshine and mid-to-upper 70's through 4:00 and breezy by 7:00. the inland day planner with passing clouds at 55 and mid-70's by noon and hot, not kuwait to 90 but maybe there on the car thermometer and at the
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coast our day planner is 48 with a few clouds and we will hang out in the upper 50's to low 60's and it will become breezy headed to the evening hours. the traffic this morning has been brutal. >> it has been a bear in the santa cruz mountains, look at this backup with a sig-alert northbound 17, it is a long strand of brake lights in the northbound direction because of a car versus a motorcycle. one lane remains closed. bart, muni, and caltrain all on time with no delays and the el cerrito drive is busy and here are the people that may have made their way through the drive. we had an early sig-alert but traffic is flowing smooth through berkeley toward the maze >> developing story from the
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south bay, san jose police are expected to reveal new information of the woman accused of trying to leave behind tainted orange juice at a starbucks. katie marzullo joins us from where it happened and tells us how officers found the woman. >> it is business as usual at this starbucks but there is no orange juice for sale but the employees say they are out of it. any opened a few minutes late. the video shows the first customer turned away but she got a cup of coe. -- a cup coffee. yesterday at 3:45 a woman placed two bottles of orange juice in the case and left and customers thought it was suspicious and employees investigated and they called 9-1-1. they got the woman's license
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late and they gave that to police. she was arrested. customers say given the other attacks and tragedies on civilians they are not surprised by this. >> it was boundo happen. >>hy do you say that? but have a lot of this taking place all over. >> everything is corrupt. it doesn't surprise me. >> the woman who police arrested is 50-year-old ramineh behbehanian. police say the orange juice she left in the starbucks contained rubbing alcohol in one bottle and nail polish remover in the other. no customer drank the tainted juice and the san jose police department have scheduled a news conference for this morning. we hope we could learn what this woman's motive might have been. >> only on abc7 news we have your first look at jason collins' exclusive before with george stephanopolis, the player
6:34 am
discusses his struggle with homosexuality and decision to go public the first pro athlete in a major sport to do so. >> good morning, the announcement is being called a jackie robinson moment making history in pro sports and captivated the country. jason collins is a powerhouse on the court 7' and 255-pound center would made it to the playoffs nine times shattered a final barrier in major league sports saying he was 34-year-old nba center, black, and gay. in an exclusive interview with "good morning america" george stephanopolis he said it is mindboggling he is the first active player in pro team sports to come out. >> waiting everyone for someone else to raise their happened and i'm ready to raise my hand but you still look an, like, okay,
6:35 am
come on guys. >> reaction has been mostly supportive. kobe bryant tweeted he is proud of collins, don't suffocate without are because of thing orance of others. >> he has been a great guy, a great teammate. >> he is a good guy, and i am praying for him. >> not everyone in sports embraced collins. mike wallace of the dolphins tweeted he doesn't understand, all these beautiful women in the world and guys want to mess with other guys. the post was later removed. >> if he plays another year that will be a defining moment in the nba or in professional sports because to have an openly gay man in a male dominated locker room... >> president obama personally called jason collins to express his support, and a white house aide said he was impressed by his courage and first lady promised "we've got your back."
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>> you can see the rest of george stephanopolis exclusive interview with jason collins today on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. after the abc7 news. >> hayward firefighters are investigating the cause of an apartment fire that took the life of a 76-year-old woman starting at 7:30 last night at the apartment building. a man in his 70's made it out and his wife who was confined to her bed did not. the fire started in the bedroom. >> a man is arrested after the car he was riding in crashed into a home during a pursuit in hayward. police tried to pull over a car stolen from san francisco but the car sped away and crashed into a home. no one was hurt. police arrested the passenger who tossed a gun out of the car. the driver managed to get away. >> we are following developing news from the north bay and the man arrested for carjacking and
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kidnapping and the warning his mother gave to police. >> an epic battle at the coliseum with a matchup stretching late into the night for the a's. >> from our rooftop camera a gorgeous shot with traffic and
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>> we are back coming up on 6:40. live doppler 7 hd shows it is
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dry. i will focus on the wind advisory starting at 5:00 p.m. through 11:00 tomorrow morning the east bay hills and north bay mountains, all will see gusts in the 50 to 60's miles per hour. we will start off at 6:00 this evening around 25 to 35 miles per hour and watch the wins come the central valley and move down across the areas getting up to 50 in fairfield by midnight and 22 in santa rosa where they will stay during the better part of the overnight hours. the tree limbs could come down and we could lose the power overnight. temperatures today low 60's around the bay. >> if you have a high profile vehicle go slowly. in the santa cruz mountains we have a signature alert, northbound 17, one lane remains blocked and you can see the red as the backup continues to build
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with the drive time traffic in a moment but we will look at your 17, 35 miles per hours from scotts valley to san jose and the 880 from 238 to fremont is 18 minutes so not too bad in the east bay and 101 from highway 85 to 237 is 22 minutes and a look at the drive through berkeley and it looks like 80 is moving smoothly westbound direction. oakland a's are sleeping in after an epic battle that lasted 6 1/2 hours going 19 innings. the game began last night after 7:00 and ended at 1:41 this morning. a's first baseman process hit a two run homer in the bottom of the 19th to bet the angels in a game that had a 7th and
6:42 am
14th inning stretch. it lasted beyond the final bart station the longest game ever in history, nice to get a win at the end of that. >> two more inning, it could have been the 21-inning stretch. >> the warriors can clinch the series against the nuggets and advance to the next round in denver tonight with a 3-1 lead after beating the nuggets on sunday. if they win game five tonight they take on the spurs in next round at 5:00 p.m. and if the warriors da not win they face the nuggets again in game six on thursday night. >> caffeine lovers, listen up, ahead, the new focus the fda is giving foods with caffeine. >> trading is underway on wall street and we see the dow is
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down 46 points after a big game yesterday. we will go to the new york stock exchange. >> first an oregon man accused of a north bay crime spree and what we are lending about
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covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. an armed man under arrest accused of carjacking a man at gunpoint and trying to do the same to a woman a few minutes later. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is on the scene where it started. >> must have been terrifying for the victims starting if this shopping center where he kidnapped a man. here is the picture, 30-year-old jeffrey boyce in custody. police say he was armed and they found several hundred bullets if his truck. a timeline of what they believed he did: first attack at 4:30 yesterday afternoon in the parking lot the ups store. at 6:51 police got a call of a man pointing an ak-47 at a
6:47 am
woman's head and demanding her car. police say he ordered a man to drive him around and the man did, but they came back to the shopping center and police say he tried to move rifles from his car to the victim's car and that is when the victim was able to runaway. at the shopping center in green bay for some reason he was spooked and he ran away so he never kidnapped the woman but pointed a gun at her only. he was caught in a neighborhood and he was arrested. he is from oregon and his mom called san francisco police to warn them he was headed this way and he could be going to the russian consulate and he has been ill and armed and she was very worried. he now is in custody and police are still investigating and saying it is a wonder no one was hurt. >> first it was energy drinks and now energy gum? the growing market of caffeine
6:48 am
goods in products is prompting the f.d.a. to look at their affect on kids after wrigley introduceed gum with caffeine called alert energy gum. the f.d.a. is looking into energy drinks and whether they are linked to deaths in teens. the last time they looked at caffeine was back in the 1950s. >> home prices skyrocket in san francisco. >> jobs for veterans is a white house topic again. >> good morning, kristen and eric. the obama administration is expected to make a significant employment announcement for veterans and military spouses. according to the "washington post" this is a day after first lady announced the launch of a program that will help members of the armed forces leaving military service with certification needed for tech
6:49 am
jobs. is your home worth a lot more than a year ago? residential prices are up 9 percent in february compared to a year ago according to the index of property values in 20 cities. up 19 percent in san francisco, not bad. stocks right new show the dow is down after a your gain yesterday and the silicon valley index is up with apple and google as the top gainers. >> at 6:49 a look at the forecast with heat, dry conditions, what else do we need? >> the wind. >> we don't need them but we are getting them. >> we need them for the high fire danger but we don't want them. from the roof camera on the exploritorium, the solar panels, blocked by a few high clouds as the dry cold front rolls through temperatures are from 16 to ten
6:50 am
degrees warmer than average. san jose this morning we talking about report heat possible thursday and friday but before we get to that, high fire risk today and tomorrow and a week cooling trend on the way with temperatures dropping 20 degrees by sunday. the cold front is kicking up the high clouds on the back side of it and the winds roll in. at 6:00 the high fire danger develops with the north bay mountains and east bay hills and above 1,000 feet is where we have the record dry fuels and where we will have the fastest wind. as far as temperatures today we are starting off at 81 in milpitas and 88 in los gatos and gill ray and 75 in millbrae and up to 83 in redwood city and mountain view and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast today to low-to-mid 70's for downtown and south san francisco and 76 in
6:51 am
sausalito and mid-80's to the north bay valley and low 80's along the east bay shore and oakland is near record high and mid-to-upper 80's in the east bay valley and 90's coming back tomorrow. 67 at first pitch at 7:00 and dropping down to 61. as far as tomorrow, the temperatures jump and the record highs are possible thursday, friday, and lesser spent on saturday and a dramatic drop on sunday and monday. >> it has been a busy morning headed back into the santa cruz mountains where we have an accident involving a motorcycle northbound 17 we have a lane blocked and this sig-alert is if affect for a little while and caused the damage. we have a report of another fender bender on the shoulder but this accident is blocking
6:52 am
one lane. headed into san jose the drive through evergreen northbound 101 at capitol expressway a few cars got tangled up and a back way is blocking one lane and very bad conditions out there. >> ahead, five things to know before you go. >> the morning news
6:53 am
>> good morning, at 6:53 on tuesday with a look at the skyline from our san francisco exploritorium camera, a gorgeous day ahead but wraps not so warm but there is a new danger to be concerned with, and mike nicco will have that in a moment. >> here are five things to know before you go. developing news in the north bay where a 30-year-old man wanted in a violent crime spree is under arrest this morning, accused of kidnapping a man at gunpoint outside a ups store and trying to carjack a woman's
6:54 am
truck before being taken in custody. >> san jose police will reveal new details of a poison scare at a starbucks. a woman took tainted orange juice bottles from her bag and put them in a starbucks display case. one of the bottles contained juice mixed with rubbing alcohol and another had acetone. the california department justice said the top priority is fining the woman who murdered an eight-year-old girl would was found stabbed to death in her home on saturday. a murder weapon has not yet been found. >> for the first time since coming out as a gay man, nba player jason collins is speaking out about becoming the first active player to come out as being gay in major american sports. he spoke exclusively to abc in an interview with george stephanopolis on "good morning america" in a few minutes.
6:55 am
>> oakland a's moss hit a two run homer in the bottom of the 19th inning to bet angels ending at 1:41 this morning with the a's tying twice before winning, 10-8 in the 19th, the longest in both teams' history and they go at it again tonight, they hope, in regulation. >> hope then fans got free somonox. >> red flag warning from 6:00 this evening to 6:00 tomorrow in north bay mountains and diabolo range. at 5:00 this evening they will pick up and less lessen, but, still, dangerous, with gusts up to 50 and 60 with a possibility
6:56 am
of power outages. >> sig-alert is in affect in the santa cruz mountains traveling northbound at 17, we have a lane block because of a crash with a motorcycle. in san jose the crash is cleared to the shoulder northbound 101 at capitol expressway and east bay from antioch to conquer, 38 minutes, almost 40 minutes along 580 so from tracy to dublin and headed along 80 from highway four to the maze, a 32-minute drive. >> thank you for joining us for the abc7 news morning news which continues in 25 minutes with news, weather, and traffic during "good morning america." >> president obama will hold a news conference at 7:15 today and we will streak it live on for the 100th day of his second term.
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good morning, america. this morning, one on one with a true pioneer. nba player jason collins tells the world he's gay. the first active pro player to come out sending shock waves through all of sports. and getting back an outpouring of emotion and support. our abc news exclusive. >> when you finally get to that point of acceptance, there's nothing more beautiful. breaking overnight. poisoning at starbucks. a woman under arrest for trying to contaminate drinks. how the authorities tracked her down and the warning right now to other stores. amanda knox on camera. revealing her emotional story for the first time to diane sawyer tonight. we'll hear directly from her this morning about those harrowing days in court. diane is here with the abc news excl


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